Elite Salon Distributors, LLC was founded by Jerel Hess in 2002. He is one of the industry’s leading executives with over 30 years of experience. Hess is the third generation in his family to participate in the professional hair beauty industry totaling over 120 years in experience. In addition to servicing thousands of salons his family is credited as one of the innovators in-house education and introducing technology into the salons..

Elite Salon Distributors, LLC is a boutique distributor that specializes in a limited number of companies.

This was a choice Hess made when he started in 2002. Additionally, Hess refuses to carry any diverted product lines. You will NEVER find an Elite Salon Distributors product line in a drug chain, grocery store or mass merchandiser. “Stylists lose their credibility when the professional product line that they presented to their clients is carried in the mass market,” explains Hess.

Elite Salon Distributors is vastly different than its competitors. The founder and president of Elite Salon Distributors is out in the field daily servicing accounts, talking to salon owners/stylists and generating new business. This unique approach to selling enables the salon owner or stylist to have direct communication with Hess. Whether it is writing a business plan, designing an ingenious retail promotion, or instructing stylists/salon owners on the most effective way to sell and promote a retail line, Hess has the talent and expertise to help you grow your business. No salon is too small or too big for Elite Salon Distributors. However, nothing is more satisfying for him than helping a small salon grow and flourish. One of the principal goals of Elite Salon Distributors is to provide salons with the necessary resources to compete in today’s exceptionally competitive retail environment. Furthermore, Hess strongly believes that stylists are not given the recognition and respect that they deserve. With this in mind he strives to bring improved professionalism to the industry in hopes of elevating its standing.